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Roger Grona - C.E.O - Business Consultant - Investor

Roger Grona - CEO - Business Consultant - Investor - Firebird Business Consulting - Saskatoon

Roger Grona is President of Firebird Business Ventures Ltd. and Firebird Business Consulting Ltd.. His management consulting expertise is building successful business models that involves developing successful plans and business sustainability and training in long term planning for a profitable future.

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Larry Scammell - Senior Business Consultant

Larry Scammell - Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. - Saskatoon - Sr Business Consultant

Larry Scammell is a hardworking and seasoned entrepreneur with a few specific areas of expertise.  His Executive Consulting expertise relates to identifying problems across all areas of a business and creating effective means to resolve the issues.   

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Gary Moore - Senior Business Consultant

Gary Moore Firebird Business Consulting Saskatoon Regina Sask Canada

The past 10 years Gary has worked in Sales, Business Development, Sales Management and General Management roles. These roles have enabled him to master business from multiple view points and he has enjoyed working with some amazing people and great teams.

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Greg - Senior Business Plan Writer

Greg - Senior Business Plan Writer - Firebird Business Consulting Ltd - Saskatoon - Saskacthewan

Greg is a Senior Business Plan Writer for Firebird Business Consulting Ltd.. Greg likes to be behind the scenes and enjoys working with all clients from all over Saskatchewan and Canada. Greg has worked over 20 years in the corporate industry involved in business planning and project management.   

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Mike Rorquist - IT Consultant and Website Builder

Mike R - IT Consultant and Website Builder - Firebird Web Development - Saskatoon Sask

Michael R specializes in Business Processing Models, Strategy & Technology. Developing a strong expertise in synchronizing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with popular commerce platforms. He has experience in email marketing, listbuilding, SEO, UI/UXdesign, and a passion for innovation.

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Roger Grona - Business Consultant - Investor - C.E.O

Roger Grona - CEO - Business Consultant - Investor - Firebird Business Consulting - Saskatoon - TEC

About Roger Grona - Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. & Firebird Business Ventures Ltd.

Roger is very proud of his Metis heritage. His ancestry is traced back to the 1700’s in the Red River Settlement. He is an Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, Investor and CEO. Roger is the Founder and CEO of Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. Founder, Business Partner and CEO of Firebird Business Ventures Ltd., Investor and Business Partner(ed) in Rethink and Diversify Securities Inc. Venture Market (online exempt market portal), Hall of Fame Coaching (HOF), Aslan Capital Saskatchewan Inc. and a very minor investor in Holmes Approved Homes. Roger is also a Chair for TEC Canada (The Executive Committee). 

Starting off in media (on-air), working his way into management in construction in his early twenties and shortly after that he partnered with his brother Keith in Buffalo Bill’s Food Products Ltd. Roger was the CEO and was in charge of sales and business development. He grew Buffalo Bill’s Food Products substantially and in a short period of time, the product went from making a few pounds of formed buffalo jerky to making hundreds of pounds in a week and being carried in 180 stores.

Well, let’s just say they learned a hard lesson in product consistency. Their clients supported them throughout and even when they stopped operating. Roger and his brother went around to all the stores and offered a full refund. They wanted to know that they closed down on the best of terms. Roger closed down Buffalo Bill’s Food Products Ltd., not because he had to but because he needed to. He said he was burnt out. He learned a hard lesson in business, you can do all the right things in growing your sales but focusing on your top line isn’t good enough. In hind sight that was a good move as knowing what Roger knows now he would not have shut down. He didn’t have the fight in him. Now he has learned those are just obstacles, not deal breakers. After they closed down Buffalo Bill’s - Roger became infatuated with sustainability and growing businesses. He is proud of what they did and accomplished with Buffalo Bill’s and gave him the determination to become focused on operating good business models.

Roger went on and worked in Saskatchewan and Alberta oilfields (while living in Saskatchewan) working on Service Rigs, Drilling Rigs and as an Oilfield Battery Operator. As much as he enjoyed the many years on the oilfield, it was time to leave and pursue his dream of becoming a business consultant and entrepreneur.

Roger then spent 8 years Senior Media Marketing/Sales in Saskatchewan radio industry (CJWW, 92-9 the Bull, Rock 102, 104.9 the Wolf). For each station he developed a small list into a Senior Account list in a short period of time. In advertising he had the chance to work with almost every kind of business and industry, consulting on advertising, brand development, recruiting, and business growth.

After leaving radio Roger was recruited on many occasions to grow businesses for a few companies. 7 years Senior Sales Management (executive) experience that involved setting/planning profit based sales targets (writing and executing), set and met large sales quotas. He developed excellent media marketing plans that positioned different brands as the industry leaders. His other Senior Sales Management experience: recruited, mentored, and motivated sales teams and other departments. He prepared reports by collecting, analyzing and summarizing relevant market information. He has experience when companies go through growth and knows what to do to go the next stage of the business.

Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. was created as result of Roger consulting for businesses part time, finally his case load was demanding him to consult full time. He left his job and stepped into full time consulting and never looked back. Firebird Business Consulting Ltd.’s consulting expertise involves consulting on marketing, sales and business sustainability. Today, Firebird has successfully completed well over 100 projects ranging from Business Plans to Business Consulting resulting in happy clients reaching and achieving their desired goals (check out their reviews on Facebook and Google).

The team has grown to 6 business consultants. Services ranging from Business Plans, RFP’s, Grant Writing, Business Growth (Revenue and Sales Consulting), Marketing, Branding, Social Media Management, Social Media Training and Social Media Consulting, Process Improvement and Development, Online Strategies and SEO. The mission statement for Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. is to “commit and provide business owners a strategy to dominate and lead their industry for profitable growth”. Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. has an excellent track record business consulting (coaching) with business of all sizes from start-ups to 100+ million plus annual revenue.

Firebird Business Ventures Ltd. was created by 6 successful business owners that partnered together due to entrepreneurs requesting for their involvement in business opportunities. FBV (Firebird Business Ventures Ltd.) works with businesses to accelerate their growth and implement sound sustainability. They have a vast network that ranges from investors, business experts and other entrepreneurs in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and beyond. For FBV it’s about partnering with the right people that desire growth for their business. FBV brings a vast knowledge of marketing, sales, business structuring, driving profits, raising capital, business strategies, business processes and all other aspects of business.

On a community level, Roger believes in giving back. He volunteers and has volunteered for quite a few organizations. In the past he has been on Warman Chamber of Commerce as a Director, Mentor for InBusiness (National Mentorship Program for Aboriginal Youth), Community and Referral Partner for Futurpreneur Canada, Guest Adviser for Square One and is currently President for the Indigenous Chamber of Commerce Saskatchewan as well as volunteering for other organizations. He believes in giving back as much as possible to these three areas of community involvement 1) Business 2) Youth 3) Aboriginal, First Nations and Metis.

Roger is always looking for opportunities that he can help with at a consulting level, investment or even a sweat equity stake. It’s really about partnering and investing with people and seeing if there’s a fit. Please contact Roger at 306-241-6215 or email roger@firebirdbusinessconsulting.ca for further information or to set up an appointment.

Specialties: Taking new, junior ,senior salespeople to the next level, branding and imaging, new and existing business development, team building, business consulting, negotiating, marketing, coaching, leadership, expert in rapport building and communications.

Roger says "nothing is better than having a good laugh, joking around and still getting things done." 

Larry Scammell - Senior Business Consultant

Larry Scammell - Firebird Business Consulting Ltd - Saskatoon - Sask - Canada

Senior Business Consultant - Larry Scammell - Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. - Saskatoon - Sask.

Larry Scammell is a hardworking and seasoned entrepreneur with a few specific areas of expertise.  His Executive Consulting expertise relates to identifying problems across all areas of a business and creating effective means to resolve the issues. He has a keen ability to identify and solve problems and improving the bottom line. He believes that the most valuable part of your company is the people - the human capital - and any plans to move your business forward need to start there. Larry has a commitment to working with the people and resources that are currently in place and implementing strategies to improve business performance and motivation. 

He has a resolve for working with small to medium sized business owners in a risk management and restructuring role with a view to improving overall efficiencies. He takes a firm yet fair approach to everything that he does and is known for asking the all-important and difficult questions. 

He is fortunate to have assembled a very broad and comprehensive network of professionals across many different industries. This is comprised of conventional and non-conventional lenders, investment dealers, sales representatives, home builders, research consultants and insolvency professionals. His academic background is in public education, securities and sales. 

As he comes to know and understand a client’s business, he can quickly see the aspects that are unique to each situation and work with them to develop right fit solutions to problems.

“My experience has given me the understanding of what it takes to compete and win in very competitive business environments.” 


Owned and operated 3 different restaurant / hospitality concepts in Alberta. Larry designed and executed each concept from the ground up and was responsible for all aspects of business operations. His focus was on marketing and promotion, hiring, training and managing staff of 42 employees between multiple locations. He gained deep experience in cash flow management, risk analysis and mitigation and relationship management. He was successful in achieving several business distinctions and accolades in an extremely challenging and unforgiving industry. He created and implemented business marketing strategies, systems and procedures that improved the quality and efficiency of operations while increasing sales revenues and driving brand awareness.

  • Best New Restaurant in Calgary (2014) – Where Magazine
  • Best New Restaurant in Calgary (2014) – Avenue Magazine
  • Best New Restaurant in Calgary (2014) – John Gilchrist CBC Radio | Calgary Eyeopener
  • Top 30 Best New Restaurants in Canada (2014) – Enroute Magazine 
  • Top 100 Best Restaurants in Canada (2015) – Canada’s 100 best

Executive Consultant and Project Manager for a hotel & restaurant operation prior to and throughout the duration of receivership. Retained by the receiver and approved by the court to oversee the daily operation of the business. During this process, he was successful in reducing operating costs and adding revenue streams and increasing overall revenues while mitigating risks and positioning the asset for sale. Larry worked closely with the receiver and all stakeholders to navigate through the receivership process. His extensive work on this file contributed directly to a successful sale that achieved a value above market and greatly exceeded all stakeholder expectations. 

Executive Consultant through Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA) for a group of 13 home building companies active in Alberta and throughout the United States. Topline revenue for the group prior to CCAA was over $525 Million annual. He was retained by the companies as the key point of contact and Executive Consultant for a wide range of restructuring activities relating to employees, lenders, creditors, trade partners and media. 

Serving the group of companies as an Executive Consultant, Larry assisted in organizing the company requirements for restructuring through CCAA proceedings and was responsible for operational restructuring including revenue optimization and cost reduction strategies and management of a diverse group of relationships. He was called on to provide opinion and direction on personnel matters such as employee retention, termination and consultant outsourcing. He played a key role in restructuring multiple existing credit facilities in excess of $12 Million while also establishing new multi-million-dollar creative credit facilities for the borrower group. Larry coordinated with multiple sales community and project management teams through the process to ensure that financing and construction continued, and homes were turned over to the purchasers. He reported to the executive team, the court appointed monitor and counsel on a regular basis and assisted in preparing the Monitor’s Reports to the court and stakeholders in the CCAA process. 

8 years Exempt Market Investment Sales and Executive Sales Management based out of Alberta with sales agents located across western Canada. As a sales management executive, Larry was recruited trained and motivated sales teams ranging in size from 2 – 170 to consistently achieve and exceed sales targets. Larry was jointly responsible for marketing budgets of up to $3 Million annual and co-produced a weekly radio program which aired in 4 different markets. 

Through this time, he conducted presentations, webcasts, seminars and training conferences in support of the sales agent network and investing clients. He managed all communication and relationship aspects of each company’s investor network ranging in size from 150 to 17,000 investors with a total capital investment ranging from $26 - $650 Million dollars. Larry was a top performer in each company that he worked with and developed great expertise at building strong working relationships. 

Gary Moore - Business Consultant

Firebird Business Consulting Saskatoon Regina Sask Canada Gary Moore

About Gary Moore - Business Consultant and Business Development for Firebird Business Consulting Ltd

The past 15 years Gary has worked in Sales, Business Development, Sales Management and General Management roles.  These roles have enabled him to master business from multiple view points and he has enjoyed working with some amazing people and great teams. He truly feels fortunate for having had these opportunities. 

Gary has worked with smaller start-ups in the Saskatoon area to multi-national companies. Each role has been very different and has provided him with its own unique set of challenges and opportunities.

Gary has worked with Roger Grona and Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. on a number of different projects that date back 15+ years.  Gary has always brought a unique approach to business and has specialized in the areas or Business Development and Sales management.  Gary has always focused on sales and customer service being the cornerstones of any business, Gary can speak to this first hand having worked for smaller start up companies too large multi national corporations.

In the mid 90’s he had the opportunity to be a partner/owner and develop Image Auto body from the ground up.  For 8+ years at Image Auto Body he was part of the Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Business Development.  It was a great opportunity and he is very proud of that achievement.

Gary’s expertise and passion involves successful business development, sales plans, building solid customer service processes and improving employee engagement, driving top line revenue and finding further efficiencies to increase overall profit. Having open, honest and constructive dialogue with internal and external partners is his key to building great teams and a great inclusive culture​. He started his working life in the Saskatchewan Potash Mines and the Oilfields of Alberta and Saskatchewan and he has carried that work ethic throughout his entire life. Some of the volunteering he has done in the past has included Partners in Employment, some high schools and Catholic School work programs. 

Greg - Senior Business Plan Writer

Greg - Senior Grant, RFP and Business Plan Writer - Saskatoon Regina Saskatchewan - Sask - Canada

Greg - RFP's, Grant and Business Plan Writer

Greg is a Senior Business Plan Writer for Firebird Business Consulting Ltd.. Greg likes to be behind the scenes and enjoys working with all clients from all over Saskatchewan and Canada. Greg has worked over 20 years in the corporate industry involved in business planning and project management.  Over the past 4 years he has written over 70 business plans for Entrepreneurs across multiple industry sectors.  His academic background is in Marketing and Business Administration.

Greg takes pride in his work and a satisfied client is top priority. He spends the right amount of time consulting our clients through the business plan writing process, research time, development and revisions to the business plan, a finally he walks a client through the plan and a one month warranty for follow up consultation or minor changes to plan.

The business plans Greg create are personalized and quite detailed. 

Business plan outline is as follows;

  • Cover page
  • Executive Summary
  • Business Environment & Operations
  • Human Resource Plan
  • Marketing Plan
  • Finance Plan
  • Risk Assessment Plan
  • Regulations, Licensing and Permit Summary
  • Conclusions
  • Appendixes including 3 year Financial Forecasting and supporting documentation most often required by Lenders.

To contact Greg and Firebird Business Consulting Ltd for a business plan, grant application writing or RFP please email roger@firebirdbusinessconsulting.ca or call 306-241-6215

Mike R - IT Consultant and Web Specialist

Mike Rorquist - IT Consultants and Website Builder - Firebird Web Development - Saskatoon Sask

Mike R - IT Consultant - Website Developer and Online Specialist - Firebird Business Consulting Ltd.

Michael R. specializes in Business Processing Models, Strategy & Technology. Developing a strong expertise in synchronizing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with popular ecommerce platforms.

Benefiting from experience in warehousing, procurement and information technology in a high paced retail environment, Michael has proven that optimizing your business process can save you time and money but careful planning can save you from frustration. 

Mike's rapid ascent into the world of e-commerce can be attributed to the work he has accomplished on many popular platforms used by millions of people today. He has developed and consulted on extensions focusing primarily on B2B and Resource Planning applications. He also has experience with social media marketing and fraud prevention. Michael’s projects are responsible for millions of dollars in transactions each year. 

He has experience in email marketing, list building, SEO, UI/UX design, and a passion for innovation.  His first three website destroyed industry standards in innovation, style, and engagement and raise the bar to a new level.  Spending way too much time behind a computer screen, he enjoys devouring any and all information about the internets and knows just enough about too many things to be dangerous. 

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