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Michael McLean - Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. - Project Management Consulting - Sask.

Michael McLean is from James Smith Cree Nation. Michael’s main goal in his career endeavours was always to try and make a difference, not for awards or the recognition, but because it was the right thing to do. Always fascinated about the human condition and behavior Michael sought out his degree in Criminology. There he took many courses in an interdisciplinary study as it related to human behavior and the criminal phenomenon. 

Skills he would develop there would include:

  • Gather and analyze data about the causes and nature of crime to determine criminal patterns and common traits among criminals.
  • Research and analyze the biological, social, and psychological background of criminals to gain an understanding of the motivation behind the deviant behavior.
  • Develop profiles of criminal types to assist in the identification of potential criminals, understand their behavior, and apprehend them more efficiently.
  • Examine crime scenes, evidence, and autopsies to determine what happened and which profile category the criminal falls into.
  • Prepare reports and statistics of research findings for future reference.
  • Develop crime prevention strategies and reform policies based on findings.
  • Assess the social impact of crime and determine how to address these issues.

After working in the Justice field with the RCMP then with Immigration Enforcement as an Investigator where he honed his skills in Interviewing people from all walks of life and Investigating complicated multinational files. He would later take these skills to his own business as a Restaurant owner in Saskatoon where he again managed staff and created a sustainable human resource plan. The restaurant was sold in favour for a career as a Police Officer once again with the Saskatoon Police Service. He worked and trained alongside many talented people for 16 years in many roles as a supervising senior officer. There he would develop a talent as a problem solver and outside the box thinker. He served on many committees during this time with many cultural and community groups as the Chief’s Liaison and assisted in the creation of many crime prevention strategies. He has taught cultural awareness to police officers at the University of Regina Police College. As a regular member the challenge was clear which he accepted and succeeded where others may have failed. He brokered many relationships between the police service and several aboriginal communities and organizations that are still strong to this day. The result of implementing training and policies that assisted in sustaining them. During this time Michael started a Landscaping company called Lawn enforcement that saw much success. However, after completing a competitive analysis in the landscaping industry he opted to sell the company in favor of a new endeavour, Project Management. He obtained a Masters Certificate in Project Management from the University of Saskatchewan and being a graduate of the Saskatchewan Police College has greatly assisted him in being able to plan projects and manage people in a way that that is the most effective. 

Michael McLean - Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. - Project Management Consulting - Sask.

Michael McLean - Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. - Project Management Consulting - Sask.

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