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The mission statement for Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. (business and management consultants) is to “commit and provide business owners a strategy to dominate and lead their industry for profitable growth”.

Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. has an excellent track record business consulting (coaching) with business of all sizes from start-ups to 100 million plus annual revenue. We are experts in business sustainability and growth and work with companies to maximize revenues and processes. Strong Sales and Senior Management experience building small business to multi-million dollar firms. Our sales, marketing, management and business development experience is second to none.  

Firebird Business Consulting we are entrepreneurs, we have real life experience in Senior Management in small to large business. Our successful strategies come from years of experience of working with business of all sectors. A good plan is only as good as how it is executed, we work with you to properly execute the plan while planning for the ever changing market(s).

Business Consulting Sales Marketing Consultant Services in Saskatoon. 

Our Approach

Our 1-on-1 personal interview style helps us to understand your goals and concerns. We help in sales and business development acting as your marketing and business consultant. Identifying your opportunities and risks going forward. 

We consult and help you create a plan to meet your short and long term goals for your business. Our slogan is "Next Level Business Solutions". The key to your success is the execution of our/your plan. We make the necessary adjustments to the strategies as needed to maximize your opportunities while minimizing your challenges and setbacks. First we implement sustainability then we implement growth. 

Rise from the ashes and burst into flames with Firebird Business Consulting Ltd.

Why Us?

At Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. we have real life and understand your business' real life challenges. Our expertise is optimizing your companies' sales and marketing strategies. Our goal is profits and solid business model.

Business Consulting Services

Business Consultant Services Saskatoon Plans Social Media Sales Marketing Strategy Sask Canada

What we offer? Our Value

Business  Development, Restructuring Sales and Marketing Services - "Next Level  Business Solutions" - Saskatoon and area - We help you grow your  business!! We are Business Growth Specialists!

Our BUSINESS EXPERTISE involves developing successful marketing plans, consulting on business development, sustainability and training / coaching in long term planning for a profitable future. SUCCESSFUL track record building culture, sales teams and overall company growth goals.  Sales and Management experience building small business to multi-million dollar firms. We work with companies to maximize revenues and processes. Our sales experience is second to none. Our GOAL is to make a difference improving and allowing you to help reach your business, sales and marketing goals and targets that best fit your company.

Mentoring is a huge component to the program. We challenge your company in a positive way to be better at what you do and do better than the competition.

Having the right strategy is critical to the growth of your company. Implementing it and rolling it out properly is what drives momentum.

Make sure you have weighed out the pros and cons of growing your business (RISK). What will it take to reach your goal: more staff or bigger office space? Do you have the right sales people? Do you need a sales manager? Do you need an investor, mentor or consultant? Are there any risks that might set you back or knock you out of the business world all together?


Evaluating where you are sitting in the market and creating the opportunities to lead your company in your industry.

Rise from the ashes. Burst into flames with Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. 

Direction / Strategy / Plan (Business Development and Sales Consulting)

We help layout a proper plan that will focus on improving the necessary areas to take your company to the next level, define your vision and get you back on track to your goal.

Experience that involves planning profit based sales targets (writing and executing), setting and meeting large sales quotas. Senior Sales Management experience: recruitment, hiring, mentor ship and motivating the sales team and other departments. Preparation of reports by collecting, analyzing and summarizing relevant market information and using that information to roll out effective plans to generate revenue. We are revenue and profit specialists. 

Social Media Training - Social Media Management

We also provide an online network that will help you get your message out. We are a marketing and sales company that models our teaching and teaches our clients how to maximize current social media to keep your company top of mind. We do what we preach online and it works. Check out our social media profiles and network.   

Process and Process Development

We assist in the development of process that drives results that best fits your business for today and future growth.  

Advertising (Marketing Consulting)

We have purchased marketing and worked for companies that have sold advertising. Having that experience allows us to maximize your marketing budget. We know what the right strategy looks like for your company and what budget is needed to do the job.

Business Plan and Proposal Writing

We have over 17 years of business expertise producing professional business plans and proposals that are personalized and understood by our clients.

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