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The Right People is Vital to Your Success- Business Consultant in Saskatoon

Having the "Right People" is Vital to Your Success - by Roger Grona - Firebird Business Consulting

Having the "Right People" is Vital to Your Success - by Roger Grona - Firebird Business Consulting

The true foundation to any successful person is the people around them. Sometimes we recognize the right people, and sometimes we don't. People help build culture, inspire, motivate, humble you when needed, work with you during hard long hours, care for and love you, cry with you, and pick you up when you fall. People are the backbone, substance and culture of any organization. When a foundation is built with the right people, the organization is unstoppable.

I have been fortunate in my life. I have taken risks that most people would not take. The reason I have been fortunate to take those risks is because of the people around me. I truly trust my closest family, friends and business associates. If I didn't trust them I wouldn't have them around me. I won't have people around me that don't have my best intentions at heart, or that will try to step on me to get ahead. People are definitely part of the reason I am successful. I continuously look for the right people to network with and do business with. I try to see how I can help them and how they can help me. Business life is about creating win-win scenarios. Many of my closest friendships (with the exception of 1 or 2) have begun as business relationships.

Having the right people around you as the foundation for your success is vital. It will open up opportunities that you never thought possible. The power of your network is what brings opportunities. Over the last 4 years I have embraced social media and met some great new friends and business partners that I would never have met otherwise.

As your company grows you will see some faces come and go. Some people will be with you for the full duration, and some for short periods. My advice? Look at it like this....when the people were around you did they make you and your work place a better place to be? If they did ....you can say it was worth it!!! If they didn't make it better place.... it is one of life's lessons learned. Think about the time the person spent with you: did they treat you well and and get you closer to your goal? Part of having the right people around you means you have to be one of the right people around others. If there is a parting of ways, remember you never know when you will cross paths with that person again. If you burn a bridge make sure it was worth burning.

I believe when you helping people reach their goals, they will help you reach yours. Happy Networking!!

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