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Makes Things Happen – by Roger Grona - Firebird Business Consulting - Sask.

Be A Person That Makes Things Happen – by Roger Grona – Firebird Business Consulting ltd – Saskatoon

Be A Person That Makes Things Happen – by Roger Grona – Firebird Business Consulting ltd – Saskatoon

I think we have all been around people who talk about action or have a tendency to talk about the things they have accomplished……but when it comes down to making things happen they can’t. I believe your actions and accomplishments should speak for themselves. To increase your success, surround yourself with others that make things happen. I learned this lesson in my early years in business. Now I only work with people that make things happen.

Success and opportunities don’t come from “luck” and people don’t just “fall into it”. Success comes from networking, putting yourself out there and demonstrating results. This creates momentum.

Do adequate due-diligence when finding the right people to work with. Sometimes just because two people work hard doesn’t necessarily mean they can work together. When hard working people come together and communicate properly, most times any differences can be put aside. I see organizations and business relationships break down because one person is carrying the other or out working the other partner (or at least feels like they are.)

Working hard will open doors, as successful people like to be around smart hard working individuals. Successful business people are hard working and can usually smell “the talker” and migrate to the “doer”. Also if you have worked hard typically you have made mistakes because you have put yourself out there. This makes you learn fast and will give you experience that you cannot buy.

The one thing that naysayers can’t take away is your hard work and determination. Set your goals high and aim for the stars. If you say you will do something, then do it. I might not be the smartest person in the room but chances are I will be one of the hardest working. The trick to working hard is knowing when to work and when not to; try and maintain a balance. And when I forget to “shut off” my family reminds me to “turn it off” or better yet they tell me to “shut my work off”.

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