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Jason Park - Sr.Business Consultant - Kingston - Ontario

Jason Park - Senior Business Consultant - Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. - Kingston - Ontario

Jason Park decided to form R&D because he has a genuine passion for the small business. He grew up in his grandfather’s grocery store and started his first business when he was 8 years old.

Jason brings over 9 years of capital market experience from various roles at Raymond James, Wellington West, National Bank, Sentinel Financial and now Rethink and Diversify Securities Inc.

Jason also believes in volunteering and giving back to the community

“We can’t solve the problems we currently have with the same thinking that we used when they were created.”

Jason Park is the founder, Chairman of the Board, CEO, Chief Compliance Officer, and Dealing Representative of Rethink And Diversify Securities Inc.

Jason decided to form R&D because he has a genuine passion for “small business” and he’s inspired by working with people that have a vision for their business and focus on executing their vision day in and day out. What’s more – the business is often tangible and backed by an easy to understand asset like real estate.

Jason graduated with Distinction in Finance at the University of Saskatchewan in 2009 and has over a decade of capital markets experience from various roles as an advisor at Raymond James, Wellington West, Sentinel Financial, and for the last 6 years in his role at R&D.  Having worked with hundreds of clients over that time frame - Jason knew early on in his career that there was a problem with how most portfolios were being constructed for clients.

If the average Canadian’s portfolio was properly diversified from a risk perspective, how could it be possible that an event like 2008 could cause a person to hold off retirement and change their life plans? It didn’t make any sense. What were we missing?

There had to be a solution that would add income streams to a portfolio which could produce returns as good or better than the market return, while decreasing risk from an overall portfolio perspective to hedge against 2008 style events. The key was to selectively add non-correlating asset streams with expected returns greater than the market return. Enter the exempt market or private capital market.

Put more simply, he combined his quest for a solution to a better portfolio structure with his love for “small business” entrepreneurship (private capital) and Rethink & Diversify was born.

Over the last four years, R&D has grown by slightly more than 100% per year on average and has placed more than $50M in exempt market securities over that time frame. With an industry leading platform for Representatives and their clients, the growth continues.

Results matter. 

Always Respect The Capital.

Jason Park - Senior Business Consultant - Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. - Kingston - Ontario

 Jason Park - Senior Business Consultant - Firebird Business Consulting Ltd. - Kingston - Ontario 

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